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3D Touch - Fix it Like This or Bring it back

I want to talk a little bit about 3d touch now we know that it's sort of went away with the iPhone 11 Pro the iPhone 11 pro max and the iPhone 11 where Apple actually physically removed the pressure-sensitive layer under the display so that 3d touch is no longer pressure sensitive.

They've replaced it with the word haptic touch and what that means is you just long press on an icon and you get a little menu from that and so it's sort of like a right-click on a computer but with their previous phones if you're not familiar with it or maybe you haven't used one of the older phones it actually has a pressure-sensitive layer under it so you would just push down and push a little bit harde.

In order to get that menu to pop up and it's a lot faster than the press and hold so if I show you this side by side you'll see I can do it at the exact same time and it's just much faster on the iPhone 8 plus for example that actually has the 3d touch built in but Apple actually changed the way it behaves with iOS 13 so that it was less noticeable on the newer devices and what that means is when you used to press a little bit on an icon.

It would sort of fan out and then if you let go it would come back and you can see this a little bit if you go into the menus for 3d touch on an iPhone 8 plus or something else below that that has 3d touch or even a XS or a XS Max or an iPhone X so if we go into settings and then we'll go to our touch settings now in the 3d touch menu used to be able to see this if you pushed a little bit and then it would pop out a little bit.

Then go back but now you can't really do it you can just do it ever so slightly but they've basically removed 3d touch altogether now also 3d touch is more convenient when you're typing so if you're on a website for example and you want to type another web address or you want to move the cursor all you need to do is push a little pressure in the middle of the keyboard and you can move your cursor around on a non 3d touch device it doesn't work like that so if we go to Apple.

The same thing here and we want to move our cursor around if I put my finger down in the middle of the keyboard it doesn't do anything but if I put my finger down on space and hold it then I can move the cursor around so it's not that difficult but it's something that's chain and it was a feature that a lot of people really liked that they removed and so the reason I want to talk about this is because there has been a recent development in the world of Android where Google did the March pixel update and brought a very similar 3d touch like feature to the phone using just software.

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So they use their AI or their learning algorithms to actually understand how your finger spreads out as it presses the display so if you 3d press or just press quickly on on say Twitter here it just pops up very quickly and to show you a comparison for speed now they did have a long press before but now it's about the same speed so I think Apple can actually improve this over time with the same sort of learning and it feels the exact same as 3d touch so if you're familiar with that it would be great to have them do something like that if we could have the ability to have them use maybe their neural engine to understand.

How your finger fans out as it pushes on the display harder so it would be great to have something like that back and then have that brought over to an iPad as well where the glass is so big that you can't really press on it the same way and those pressure-sensitive layers don't work well so it would be great to see them bring it back based on something like we had with the pixel software but instead do it on the Apple side where it's nice and safe and secure and works like 3d touch now I don't know if they could bring the keyboard feature back but I would love to see them bring everything else back since it's so helpful now some apps still allow you to do the pressure-sensitive 3d touch moves but for the most part it's gone.

All throughout the OS it's more of just a press and hold and that's fairly unfortunate but hopefully they can fix this and bring it back but I would love to hear what you have to say about it with iPhone 12 I don't know that they'll bring it back but they could do it with an OLED display or they could do it on an LCD display they have the option to do that and with the iPhone 9 or se 2 they most certainly could do it if it's like an iPhone 8 because it'll be an LCD and so if we have that sort of set up that's the same there's no reason they couldn't bring it back with iOS 14 or iPhone 12.

I think a lot of people would really appreciate that and whether it's a supply issue a manufacturing issue or something they have planned in the future to get rid of it I think it would be great to bring it back and I think it's a great feature that I missed quite a lot so I wanted to hear what you had to say about this and if you're still watching at this point I really appreciate it but I wanted to get your feedback as far as follow-ups now.

I talked about this on Monday, where I do sort of news reviews over the past weekend and the week but I thought maybe we could talk about issues like this on Friday but let me know what you think about it in the comments below it kind of breaks up talking about iOS updates and things like that but let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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