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iPhone Display Color Temperature Comparison

Recently I've been getting a lot of messages saying that the color temperature on the newest iPhones might be a little bit yellowish and maybe some of the colors aren't accurate or people are concerned about buying them and they've been pointing me to either different forums or they've just been commenting or emailing me directly

So I thought we'd take a look at Apple's current lineup and see how they compare with different whites on the display maybe a couple other colors and also compare them with some Android phones as well so what we have here is the iPhone 8 the iPhone 8 plus the iPhone XR the iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro in the iPhone 11 Pro max and this is the current offering from Apple if you were to go to their store or go to their website and buy something new the XS the XS Max those phones are no longer sold new same with the iPhone X.

You might be able to get them refurbished or left over at different stores but this is Apple's current lineup and so if you're familiar with Apple you'll know that they're oled displays are manufactured by Samsung to their specifications so Apple says I want this spec of display and they make that display the same is true of their LCDs but often times LG was one of their LCD manufacturers and possibly some other companies as well now before we take a look at white on all of these in black and and I also have red blue and gray let's take a look at the settings I'll show you that they're all the same we have the brightness set to the same so brightness is basically at the top of this screen mirroring lin.

 Here they're all the same and then I also have all of the settings the same so true tone is currently turned off on all of them you can see across all the different devices true tone is off night shift is off and so this should give us a pretty even playing field and Apple is really known for their color balance displays they're usually pretty accurate but let's take a look at a white background on here.

So I'll go into photos and put a white background it's the same exact white background on every single one all of the same wallpapers that I'm using were airdrop to one another so that they're all identical so here is the same wallpaper set on every single device it's the exact same one so you can see there is a color temperature difference.

 I would say that the 11pro in the 11pro max have a little bit of a bluish tint to them the eleven is a little more neutral or natural and then the ten are and the eight plus may be a little bit bluish and again the eight is a little different as well now if I bring in an Android phone such as the pixel this is the pixel for Excel

So let's expand this same wallpaper out that's the color temperature of the pixel for Excel so this holds true across different displays as well and here's Samsung's own s10 so this is considered one of the best displays as well this is an s10 plus and you can see the display here let's bring that wallpaper back out so this gives you an idea that let's move these phones over just for a moment because here are the OLED panels from all of these manufacturers and you'll see the color temperatures are very different on all of them.

So the Samsung may look a little blue yellow to me I'm not sure it's hard to say some of the lighting and here may be a little bit difficult to see that as well they're all set to about the same brightness as well so the iPhones definitely have a different color look to them and then if you were to turn on true tone it would change even more so this gives you an idea that not all displays are created equally and none of the Android phones have any of the display modifications turned on.

They're all set to stock so nothing's changed of the blue light filters are on or anything else so let's set the Android phones up here and slide in the iPhones and show you a couple other things so if we bring in the next photo here this is gray and let's do the same so now you can see the color gray is set on all of these and I would say that to me the most accurate between different displays.

 I've looked at are the 11 Pro and Pro max the 11 is the least accurate in my opinion and then the three on the left are a little bit better at least to my eyes in this light now you can see red set on all the displays now red is going to look a little bit different based on the camera you're using currently I'm using a panasonic gh1 the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the 11pro the colors are very very similar to the others maybe a little bit darker but not too much different in the camera.

This may look a little bit more orange but they look very similar in person now I have one final color and as you can see blue is set on all the displays and again this is all very similar so the one that looks the most different to me anyway is white so everything's set to white again and I would say that the 11pro and Promax look excellent and in most tests have been found to be very accurate now if you have incredible color sensitivity then maybe you'll see these color shifts but in person.

You're not going to see much and again if I go back home that's really where unless you have incredible vision you're not going to see much of a difference so some people may see it that are more sensitive to color but others won't now unfortunately there's no way to easily calibrate the colors on an iPhone that's where something like the Galaxy S ten that allows you to customize the color temperatures is really handy.

Apple allows you to do this on their Macs they could easily bring that into the iPhone but currently under the settings there's really not a way to do that they try and calibrate it for you as far as white and trying to make white paper white and you'll see now if I go into white it's very different it's going to change it a little bit more so it just tries to make it more paper white depending on what you're doing and for the most part.

I don't think it's a big deal but for others it's going to be a huge deal but there's always color temperature differences between phones and that could be an iPhone 11 Pro Max and another iPhone 11 Pro max you may see a difference there so just keep that in mind I don't think it's that big of a deal but wanted to do a quick comparison and show that to you let me know what you think about the different colors of the screens in the comments below


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