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How To Update AirPods, AirPods Pro firmware

if you have air pods the second generation AirPOds or AirPods Pro and you wanted to update them to the latest update to fix maybe issues you're having with active noise cancellation on the Pro or maybe just connectivity issues there's a way to do that but it's not simple and straightforward but we can basically ask the iPhone to update the air pods and so I wanted to show you step by step what you need to do and there's basically three steps the first one is make sure your air pods are connected to your iPhone so let's go ahead and open them up we'll make sure.

They're connected here we know it's connected to the iPhone so now let's go check the current firmware so we know what it is now and then we can check if it's been updated later on so what we'll do is we'll go to settings in settings we'll make sure that we're connected under bluetooth you can see.

I'm connected here and then we'll go down to general and then we'll go to about under about if we scroll down a little bit you'll see once we're connected and sometimes they will disconnect so make sure they're connected you'll see it just appeared Erin's air pods - and under this you can see the firmware version the current firmware version on these air pods is two now if we want to update them to the current version that's out right now.

We'll need to do a couple steps so now that we've got it connected what we want to do is take a lightning cable plug it into the bottom of the air pods so that they're charging and believe them plugged in so leave them plugged in and if we go back here we'll close the case make sure that they're still connected you'll see they're still connected under my Bluetooth list and then let's make sure they're connected again there we go and then what we'll do is we'll just leave them next to the phone and unfortunately there's nothing physically.

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That you can do you just have to leave them they'll update and we'll come back and make sure they're updated in a moment and that's it there is no way to force the update so we just basically have to leave it let it do its process finish updating it and we'll come and check later now I normally do this process later at night maybe by the time.

I go to bed I'll plug the iPhone in plug my air pods in set them next to each other make sure they're connected and then by the morning they're updated but let's see how long this takes now after about 15 minutes or so of the air pods being plugged in next to the iPhone it's already updated and we can check this by making sure we're connected to the iPhone so we're connected we'll go to settings again you'll see under Bluetooth I'm connected we'll go to general about scroll down until we see my air pods and you'll see the firmware is updated to two d15 so that's the latest firmware now sometimes.

This will take longer than thirty minutes but as long as you have a Wi-Fi or an internet connection generally you want to be on Wi-Fi and just have it plugged in and you're good to go they'll update on their own and you'll have all the latest updates and features that fix problems with air pods so if you were having connectivity issues with your air pods or anything like that you should be good to go so that's how you update the air pods ear pods Pro or any other air pods currently and if you have any other questions or comments let me know in the comments below.


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