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iOS 14 - Supported Devices, Refinement and Features

Every year Apple releases a new version of iOS and releases a bunch of betas and then releases the final product in September now we start to see rumors about it and about what devices are supported and things like that early in the year and usually a lot of those things are true since developers are working on them there's early versions of them things like that and we'll see the first version of it.

In June at the Worldwide Developer Conference or what's known as WWDC this is usually in the first or second week of June and then they release the beta the same day they show it off so we'll have beta one then but I wanted to talk about what this year's version of iOS will be all about and I've talked about what I'd like to CNN but this year will be all about refinement and then I'm also going to talk about what devices will be supported.

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Since we have some more information about that now the first thing is every other year it's sort of a tick-tock cycle as many people call it there will be a feature release and then a refinement release this year is a refinement release so for example two years ago iOS 12 came out and what we had would that was minor features but major refinement so for example they they tweaked the performance they gave a screen time they gave us grouped notifications with iOS 12

They gave us emoji group FaceTime the measure app there were some small tweaks to photos there were some serious they released the shortcuts app but they didn't integrate it until iOS 13 there was a small apple news update a stock's redesign a bedtime feature for Do Not Disturb a small Maps update but that was to the background of maps in general and then there was also some air quality index added to the weather app so all of these things were small updates for the most part and then with iOS 13 they brought in a bunch of features but with a bunch of bugs so just a quick recap they improve performance by 2x

Supposedly they also introduced dark mode so we have dark mode if you want to make your menus dark I actually have go from day to night so it changes based on daytime and nighttime there's also a major photos redesign and a huge update to accessibility for those with the ability or inability to actually control their phone easily with touch so you can use voice control

They brought apples sign in they brought find my to replace find my friends and find my iPhone they updated maps in a major way they also brought the quick path keyboard which is basically like swipe they redesigned reminders they redesigned carplay they brought apple arcade they also updated a bunch of languages for India and other places around the world updated files fonts Health Safari notes mail and on and on and on so with all of those changes comes a lot of bugs because software in general is just hard.

Even though you might have hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of people working on something it's still difficult to nail down all of those bugs so with iOS 14 Apple will bring the refinement that many of us have wanted with iOS 13 along with I'm sure we'll see new features but not a ton of them but there is some great news for those of you apparently if this is true there's some great news for those of you with iPhone se 6s and 6s plus so the great news is it appears iOS 14 will be supporting iPhone se.

It will also be supporting iPhone 6s and 6s plus if the source is accurate so that means everything that currently supports iOS 13 on iPhone will be supported however on ipad that doesn't seem to be true it seems like Apple is getting rid of support for devices with the 8 8 and 8 8 X processors so what that means is this iPad air 2 will no longer be supported nor will the iPad Mini 4 so those are the current rumors or current information on what devices will actually be supported

But there will also be some refinements meaning updates to things that are causing drain on battery life updates to things such as problems throughout the OS with everything from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to LTE connectivity and hopefully with the next generation iPhone 12s we'll see the Qualcomm modems come back so we won't have the issues with LTE and cellular connectivity that we do today now there are some things that a lot of people think maybe an iOS 14 

We're hearing some information about it and there's quite a few desires that people want as well and probably the number one thing that I hear has to do with phone calls taking up the entire display so when you receive a phone call it completely covers up the display many of you are familiar with this let me just show you quickly now when you receive a phone call from another phone just like I am here you can accept it or decline it but it's taking up the whole screen if I double click the power button I can go home and use the phone again but it's really a pain and it's something that is really annoying for a lot of people.

On Android it's handled a lot differently and I would really like to see that refinement so for example let me show you that so on my pixel phone here I'm calling myself you'll see it says Aaron Zolo incoming call and it just pops up on the top I can keep using my phone while that's coming in so it's one of those things that's strange that they haven't updated let me and that call it's strange that they haven't updated that on iPhone it seems like a simple enough a solution that they could do but it's not here and hopefully we'll see it with iOS 14 

Also I would expect performance update so more seria updates possibly new icons but I would not expect a major redesign with iOS 14 maybe they'll tweak some of the icons maybe music or something like that and of course we'll have a new wallpaper every year we have some new wallpaper nothing major but we do have them and we'll have dynamic or Stills or whatever they decide to do here we'll just have new wallpaper in general just like we do every year and maybe we'll be able to place the icons.

Anywhere we want but I would not expect any major changes no they could surprise us this year but it's hard to say exactly what they're going to do but the only current information we have about it is that it's going to be more refined apples tweaked their process to make sure that software is more ready for the public and betas are intrinsically buggy anyway and that's what a beta is all about is reporting feedback and things like that but iOS 14 should refine everything just like iOS 12 did just like iOS

It's just the way Apple seems to do things but let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below do you have an iPhone se or 6s in what do you think about support I'm really excited Apple seems to be supporting older older devices even longer so that's great news so that means everything from 6s to the iPhone 7 the iPhone 8 the iPhone XR, X all everything from then on gets supported so that's great let me know your thoughts in the comments below 


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