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The New Google Pixel

ZolloTech and these are the new Google pixel buds I picked these up they come in at $179 so they're kind of expensive but they have some interesting features and now they come in four different colors this is the clearly white color they also come in - oh so orange and then there's two other colors quite mint and almost black so you have all of those different colors.

These were the only ones available so the others will be available in a little while so let's go ahead and take a look at them and then we'll listen to them a little bit later on so these are the pixel buds and this is a pretty small box and I do have the old ones here to compare after so let's go ahead and open this up now like I said it comes in at 179 which is fairly expensive.

Earpods Pro cost a little bit more as well now let's go ahead and open up the top here and there's nothing inside here let's take this out it's like a little egg container and let's see what's inside the box so inside the box we have the different ear tips sizes and so they must have a medium size on there and then you've got a small and a large and then inside this we've got a USB a two USB C and it will also wirelessly charge if you have a wireless charger it's Qi compatible now some people were saying it does work on the pixel stand.

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You have to place it upside down that's probably because of where the wireless charging coils are in the back of this now inside here we have a little pamphlet with some information let's open this up here and just shows you how to connect it it's basically a little instruction booklet and your warranty card and battery and safety information now 

Let's take the wrapper off of the outside of this there we go and the texture is really nice it's got a very similar texture to that of the back of the pixel for Excel so it's kind of got that sort of feel to it let's go ahead and look around it on the bottom we have USB C for charging and then on the back we've got a button to help pair it so let's go ahead and open it up here and let's see if it pops up on my Google pixal here.

So it says connecting here I just tapped on the notification and then it says connected to Aaron's pixel buds tap to finish setup so we'll tap on this it says welcome to your new pixel buds your favorite media and Google assistant at your fingertips we'll go ahead and hit start setup you have to accept the legal terms and then it says try on your air buds so I'll do that in just a moment it shows you how to put them in your ears find the best fit you've got three different sizes well it next so it says you can swipe forward to raise the volume.

So that's neat you can move this around a little bit so let me put one in my ear to try it out and these just sit down inside here you've got a couple different little pogo pins that help charge this now if we look around the outside of the ear bud before I place it in my ear you can see there's the piece that goes in your ear you've got a couple different pogo pins this says r4 right and then you have this little nub here that goes in your ear and it looks like a little microphone or maybe a vent or the vents down here the microphone might be on the back and then you've got a couple of microphones around it so let me try this on it dings once.

I put it in my ear and music is playing now so I'll swipe forward it can raise the volume swipe back it lowers the volume and then tap the gear button to skip DoubleTap to go to the next and then you triple tap to go back and then it shows you how you can store them we'll hit next you can check the charging status by plugging it in here so you'll see that gives you an idea and then it says swipe on the screen to discover more now if I open these up and hit connect it should connect pretty quickly and give you your status so we'll hit connect again there we go and then you'll see we have different options below so we have HD audio AAC. 

Phone calls media audio and contact sharing as well and so we have a couple different options we can find device so if we hit find device it says ring right now you can actually hear it ring and it's not terribly loud but you can hear it see if you can hear this so we'll mute those and let me try these out see what they're like for a little bit and then I'll come back and share my thoughts on them with you now the older pixel buds compared to the new one are much bigger and in this cloth flimsy case so if we take the old ones out they're held together with this tether here 

I sort of like it because it makes them harder to lose but they also are the size adjustment so they're kind of awkward to use they're also much larger so compared with the new one on the right here you can see the new ones are much smaller and have decent battery life as well according to Google so they should be much better now the pixel buds feel very comfortable in my ear you just slide them in like this the piece right here at the top pushes against your ear and keeps it secure now I don't know if that will become uncomfortable over time but right now.

I barely feel it and so you've got your access to your touch controls it feels very comfortable down in my ear as well so I really don't feel it at all it's very lightweight and I barely notice that they're there compared with say ear pods Pro so if I put ear pods Pro in my left ear.

I definitely notice it it's a harder plastic the materials are a little bit different and I kind of like the way this one looks a little bit better with the pixel buds so it's hard to say after using it for only a half hour or so but it feels like it's going to be much more comfortable to me over time that could vary depending on what your usage is and how your ears are shaped of course now as far as using these if I just put them both in my ear tap on them to listen to music.

DoubleTap to the next track tap triple tap to go back one and then swipe to adjust the volume as I swipe here you can see the volume go up and down so it's going up and down on the phone and it works pretty simply I wish air pods had that feature now you can also get Google assistant by pressing and holding or saying hey and then the keyword and just use Google assistant like you normally would so that part's really nice now I did listen to music for a little while between the new pixel buds and the air pods Pro now the pixel buds do not have active noise-cancelling so you've only got this part to sort of block sound out of it but going back and forth I noticed that the pixel buds sound a little bit more full where maybe on the air pods Pro the vocals early but more pronounced.

So I would say the comparison if you're really into music obviously you're going to go with something a little bit more high-end but these are super nice I don't know that they'd be great on an airplane or anything like that in the future when we're traveling again but I don't know that they'd be great as far as noise cancellation because they don't have the active noise cancellation but as far as everyday use maybe in an office maybe around town taking a walk.

I think they'd be just fine for everyone now they are ipx4 water-resistant so if you're working out sweating they get splashed with water it's fine but you can't shower with them you shouldn't be swimming with them that could ruin them so they can withstand basically working out and just getting a few splashes also you have Google Translate you can use with these so if you have someone speaking another language they can speak in their language you can hear them in real-time in your language and speak back and forth if that works for you so that's really interesting that they have these.

The original pixel buds had that as well so I think these are really nice I'm going to continue to use them and I went back and forth with my air pods like I said I find these incredibly comfortable at least so far and these are just the standard tips that came with it the medium size tips so I'll try some other ones as well but let me know what you think about the pixel buds in the comments below.


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